Côte-d'Or Terre de jeux events are off to a flying start!

On Thursday, April 6, several sporting events organized throughout the Côte-d'Or were announced to live together this huge celebration of sport until the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

Surrounded by athletes from the Côte-d'Or team and the Junior Departmental Councillors, the President of the Departmental Council, François Sauvadet, and the President of the Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee, Bernard Termelet, unveiled the various sporting events planned before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


Emotional moment during this launching evening. The Côte-d'Oriens gathered in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur were thrilled by the broadcasting of the video "La Côte-d'Or, une Terre en Or". This film invites us to follow Anthony DE VECCHI, a young 17 year old cyclist through the Côte-d'Or. In his wheel, he embarks on the discovery of his region and shares with us his taste for the soil, the conviviality, the family, the sports infrastructures and the sport in Côte-d'Or. Beyond his journey, Anthony also meets other sportsmen of the department: Alexis MIELLET, Sébastien VERDIN, Corentin LE GUEN, Léa FERNEY, and Denis CHEVROT, all members of the #TEAMCOTEDOR. Thrills guaranteed!


The festivities will begin in April with the 1st edition of the Côte-d'Or Village. Activities, workshops, outings and demonstrations will be on the program, as well as walking and cycling tours. A stand of the Côte-d'Or departmental Olympic and sports committee will allow to learn more about the Olympic Games. Sports initiations will also be offered by the clubs and sports committees of the department.

Back in pictures Village Côte-d'Or

For these Côte-d'Or Youth Games, you will be able to come and encourage your teams during a festive and sporting day where four competitions will take place simultaneously: karate, wrestling, soccer and handball. Sports activities and initiations will also be possible in the Côte-d'Or Village: 40 exhibitors, demonstrations, initiations to about thirty different disciplines (valid and handisport).

The Côte-d'Or Village will be present for four days at the Montbard Fair. Initiations to the different Olympic disciplines and animations around the Olympics will be proposed.

Several Côte-d'Or Villages (with activities and sports initiations) will be organized in 2024 to build up to the Olympic Games.

To close in beauty the events around the Olympic Games in Côte-d'Or and to celebrate the next opening of the Olympic Games in Paris, the flame will pass in Côte-d'Or in some emblematic places of the department.

"Our goal is to show that the Côte-d'Or is a land of games, that the Côte-d'Or is a land of sport. With Olympism, it is not only about glorifying victory, but also about celebrating effort, commitment and team spirit. In these difficult times that we are going through, sport is an important element of living together and of the animation of our territories!"
François Sauvadet
President of the Departmental Council