Preparation centers

All over France the Olympic and Paralympic adventure.

A Games Preparation Centre (GPC ) is made up of a set of infrastructures:

  • training,
  • of restoration,
  • and a medical facility, meeting specific technical requirements.

The role of a CPJ is twofold, it allows :

  • to host delegations from all over the world on its territory for a preparatory course or as a rear base during the Games,
  • to offer the optimal conditions for training, recovering from jet lag, acclimatising and preparing for a top-class Games.

This unique opportunity to be part of the future success of tomorrow's champions is offered to the 2024 Land of Games communities that have applied to be CPJ-listed.

As the Lead Partner, the Côte d'Or Department was selected for 2 preparation centres for the games:

In the Dijon metropolitan area, the sites of Dijon and Chenôve were also chosen as CPJs.